Thursday, October 13, 2016


We have a heck of series of rain and wind storms
coming in for the next 3 days.. Starting tonight.
Winds up to 45 to 60 gusting is what they say.

Seems there is a storm coming out of Japan, a
Typhoon type. Which will be kind of toothless
by the time it gets across the Pacific, but
never the less can be a mess.

So checked the yard for anything that could possibly
be flying ammo… Got jugs of water, in case the
electric goes off..downtown at the plant.  Have
enough non cooking food, just in case.
Batteries are good in the flashlights… candles are
easy accessible.

Growing up in hurricane land… you get to know
what to have ready. Oh, yea.. and books to read.

So we should be good to go. 

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Mari Meehan said...

Spent the morning doing the same thing! Last year we had everything put away for winter but it's earlier this year and we still have a lot out and about!