Monday, October 24, 2016

The Bathroom Door......

As any mother of more than one child will tell
you, the bathroom door was a shield.  For just
a few minutes if you are lucky, it shield you from
the world on the other side.  You could hear, but
you couldn’t see.. and what you didn’t see, didn’t
bother you so much.  And seeing tiny fingers
sliding under the door, amused you for a few
minutes.  Later to be replaced by kitten paws.

But to those children.. who are on the other side,
It is the WAILING WALL…    There was no peace
for the mother on the inside.. As there was usually
Wailing on the other side.. starting off with just a
few words…  MOOOOOOOOOOOOOM, Janey,
Won’t let me watch cartoons on television.
MOOOOOOOOM, Joey won’t let me make my own
sandwich. MOOOOOOOOOM….Fred said I am a
bugger.  MOOOOOOOOOOOM, Joey said he is
going to hit me, if I tattle on him anymore. MOOOM,
Well you get the idea…  Then it changes into the
DEBATE AREA… and the trapped parent is the
Judge.  As they speak for their case…..

Yep, the good old bathroom door…
I wonder if that is still true, after all, each child now
has a cell phone, or a game that entertains them
with out their sibling interfering.

Some are replaced by husbands who are trying
to find lost things.. Hon, where is the pan I like to
use, or his favorite jacket…. And of course the kitten paws, that reach thru, trying to open the door. Or the whining

dog who didn’t make it thru the door when you went in 

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