Wednesday, October 05, 2016


I won’t be posting about the election anymore,
unless these two can  out do their idiotic that
they do now.

GENTS….  I used the absentee ballot.  Because
I don’t want to go to the zoo that I think our voting
particular one has maybe 200 voters.

I was not for using mail in ballots in the past. But
We had the school levy and we were going to be
gone…so we went down and put in for it.  And
voted.  Also one of the Senators sent us a
form for a one time for the primary.  And I found
it was actually nice to take my time marking everything,
but also to go on line and look up unfamiliar people
running for one of the office.  And it worked this time as well,
as there were 3, that I never heard of.  So I looked
them up. I looked at their online sites and read it.
It was actually nice.

So over the weekend, we sat down, and voted,
researched.. and tried to make sense out of HR29.
And Monday we mailed them out… Our votes are
casted.. no more b.s.  Yes, we will probably get the
dang calls, but I can cut them off at the pass with

And no, I am not telling you who I voted for or against.
Last time I did that, was when Obama ran the first time.
A person who I was friends with for a long time, wrote
me off.  Not only wrote me off, but in the process, she
emailed me a vile email about my intelligence, and
parentage, and a few other things she threw in.
Telling me she did not want to be friends with such
Uninformed idiot.
Made me pretty sad as I counted her as a good friend.
But I guess she wasn’t….. to count me off just because
I voted for Obama.

It is a pretty sad thing, that these two… Clinton who
is a chameleon, and Trump … well, there just isn’t any
nice words to use to describe him… are the only ones
who American can put up there for choices.   Where the
heck was the ones who are running for VP, during the

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