Monday, October 31, 2016

The story behind Halloween, according to Barbara

A zillion years ago, when my kids were young,
we lived in Jamestown, R.I. for a short time.
During that time, Halloween came.

There was a beautiful woman name Barbara,
who was my brother’s sister in law.
She, also has a slew of kids, decided to
take the newbies (us) trick or treating..but
first we had to go to Mass. It was
All Hollow Eve, Mass.   And of course,
not being a Catholic, I had not a clue what
All Hollow Eve Mass was.  So she explain
it to me…

All Hollow Eve was when the people celebrated,
harvest and communicate with their love ones
who passed before.
So they would go to the grave site and celebrate
being close to their love ones..  They would
wear scary mask to scare off the evil spirits.
And bring treats to leave at the grave.. flowers
and etc. They would bring food in their festive
times…  and using cut out pumpkins with
scary faces to be placed in the cementary to
ward off the evil spirits..

I thought that was a pretty neat story. I think
She said it came from the Irish.. not really
sure, so don’t quote me.
So each Halloween, Barbara… I think of you
and the fond times we had together… I hope

your family follows thru with your thoughts. 

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