Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Not understand the thought process....

I have heard from both sides.. when someone remarks
about not voting for the Democrat or the Republican
Presidential candidate, that the person is giving the
other candidate their vote?  How is that possible?

Being I have heard it from both sides, it is not just
one side saying it….   But how is it so?

If one votes. not for either side… and the Democrat friend
says, well you just gave Trump your vote.. how is that
possible?  The same is said for the Republican friend,
who tells me that I would be giving Clinton my vote?
Trump did not gain a vote.. any more than
Clinton did… both are short one vote… as I did not
vote for either of them.

It just doesn’t make sense to me. their theory.  But for
me to vote for whom I want to… is to me.. to thy own
self be true..   No matter who wins.. I did not help them.
my vote went on neither side.  It is a matter of principle
to me.. This is not voting for the lesser of the evils..
Especially in this election.. as both sides are the evils
they speak of. 

So don’t tell me that I am giving the other the vote. As
I did not .. give it to them..  And I get to keep my
Bitching rights.   As those who chose NOT to vote at
all.. to me.. have no right to bitch..  And a damn shame
as there are a lot of locals who are also running on that
day.. and your vote could make a difference in the local
race.  So Shame on you.. for not voting at all… and staying

at home.. 

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