Monday, November 07, 2016

The Ship of Fools docks tomorrow night....

Ever since we have heard the names of the many
(at least on the Republican side.. and a few on
the Democrat side), I have called this election
 “The Ship of Fools..  As we bounded up and down
In the waters of election foolery. The party of
Republican side, dumping bodies over.. or the candidates jumping, knowing it was a sinking ship and not wanting
to lose their money.

But here we are heading to the docks tomorrow night,
and looking to see who gets to get off the boat, as the
ramp lowers…or who gets to walk the plank on the other

It has been a slippery deck, with the slinging of mud.
And with modern techniques of Twitter and Facebook,
weighing in.. loading down the ship…as it limps back
to the dock.

This is will be an election for the books.. history books
that is.. How much so, we will see on Wednesday, to
see if it joins the Bush/Gore stories.
We will most likely be treated to stories from the Trump
side, of how it was rigged from the start… if he loses..
And if Clintion loses, well, we will see if she concedes,
as easy as she said at the last debate.

Hang on to your hats, folks.. I think this is going to
be a ship sent back out  to rough seas with us on it.…


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