Thursday, November 03, 2016

Mother Nature is rarely wrong....

There was a man, named Harold McWilliams, who
lived in Cle Elum, Washington. His profession was
that of a packer for the government.. He told of his
4 times around Mt. Rainier with his mules. Wenatchee
forest and Cle Elum area was also his work place.  He did this for over 40 years.. before getting another profession
of being a scrap iron hauler, in his mid 70’s. to his 80’s.

Everyone knew Harold, but they didn’t know him by
that name.. they knew him as “MAC the PACKER”.
He was known as that, far and wide, as many tourist
were taken thru the forest with him.  He had many
tales of fun times, sad times and times he wasn’t
happy with the way the public treated nature.

Mac passed away at the mere age of 95, I say
mere, because he was ageless.  He had a sense
of humor but also could be very serious.

Thru all those years of packing he came away
with a great understanding of mother earth.
One of which was, telling what kind of winters
we were going to get.  3 signs that I remember,
(there were more, but I only remember these
3’s)….   1. was the caterpillar…. The orange
one with a strip across the back. If that stripe
was wide .. it was going to be a bad winter.
2. The bees and hornets…  They would make
their beds/nest in the ground.. deep in the ground.
3. and the one he said was the most telling…
Was the twins and triplets of the deer and
moose.  He said it was like Mother Nature knew
not all of them would survive, so she product
more than one, which was the norm for the year.
So if he saw in his travels, multiple births,
He knew it was really going to be bad..

What brought all this to mind is.. as my husband
was hunting this year, he talked about twins, a lot…
and pictures in the newspaper, of the moose who
are moving back to town to feast on the apple
trees, and etc… are pictures of twins and even
triplets.   Also I notice the bees are in the grassy
area of my yard.. almost stepped on a few.

To me.. mother nature is rarely wrong.. so I
am going with the idea…it might be a late
Winter.. but it is going to be a doozy.

Thanks, Mac…..   

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