Wednesday, November 02, 2016

For this I know to be true....

Which I have found out… nothing I thought
was true.. nothing I have learned is true..
and I am starting to wonder about my own life.

The part that I have control over.. I have pride
myself on being truthful.. Pushed that on my
children.. Honest….. truthfulness….

But now… we all know how tainted the media
channels are… And internet.. well, they are
more liar, liar.. pants on fire…

Use to be able to watch the nightly news and
pretty well knew, that David, Chet, John and the rest
were truthful.  It wasn’t so much as news as they
saw it.. unless they said that.. But the most part,
reporting was reporting the news as it was using
facts.. and only facts.. with out any personal views..
Now it is all columnist, who give you what they think..
or their company things.  They aren’t even held
accountable anymore.. they just say.. oh, that is
just the reporting… everyone does it..    

Even when you are championing a cause.. it is
heart breaking to find out the details are not as
they were presented…   I am getting so I hate the
news.. be it paper, television or internet.. 

What is the old saying.. believe ¼  of what you
hear and ½  of what you see…and sometimes

you wonder about that too..

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