Monday, November 21, 2016

Looking out life's window

When I am in church.. like most, I head
to the rear pew… but I stay away from the
window…   knowing my penchant   for
looking out it when I am suppose to be
paying attention to what is going on inside.

There always seems to be something thru
that window that draws my attention.. and
like most, that was true of when I was in

I am drawn to the light, to the goings on out
there that seem to be more interesting than
what is going on inside.  The sunny it is, the
worse it is for me.

Even at home.. I am drawn to the window,
from time to time.. when I am sitting near
the living room window..  I see Schweitzer Mountain  
in all her beauty.   When in the kitchen, I love
to work at the sink, as I see the oak tree in
her many colors of the year… the clouds
coming across the lake.. that I don’t see.
Even the door has long windows, that I look
into my back yard, and over the neighbors
house, I see the sun or the light or clouds
depending on the day.

At restaurants, I want the window side.
And I love watching lightening, as it streaks
across the sky.  Yes, I am definitely a window
person. Told my family, if I get put into a nursing
home.. please oh, please make sure I have
a window side bed.   For without the light and
the view, I surely will die from depression

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