Wednesday, November 23, 2016

For this day, I shall be thankful....

I know the big turkey day is tomorrow.. but
Thanksgiving day, is every day
for me..  Just like Valentines Day is every
day for the King and I.

You see, every single morning, when I wake,
I am thankful, that God has signed me up
for another day. Then I get out of bed and stand up..
I am thankful that I can do that.

When I walk out into my living room and
then to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee…
I am thankful, that I have this home and
    have enough money to have food and
    drinks.  As I know there are many on this earth
     that don’t have enough.

I am thankful that I have a car so I don’t
have to walk.. but glad I am in good
enough condition.. in case I had to walk.

When I see my children or hear their voices,
or see them on Facebook, I am thankful
that they are well.

I am thankful for the friends I have, who
when we don’t agree, we can agree to disagree.
without having to condemn the other.  

I am thankful for the men and women who
serve this nation…so we don’t have wars here on our door step.  Who are brave enough to serve, as no one HAS to
go into the service.. They go by choice. And I am
thankful enough to tell them ,thank you from the bottom
of my heart.

And this is how I feel each and every day.. So how
do I feel about tomorrow??? Well, it celebrates the
coming together of the Native America’s who
shared with a bunch of immigrants, who didn’t
know what they were doing , almost 400 years
ago..  While we celebrate each year.. it is too
bad we don’t have the respect for them as we
did 400 years ago.. and tell them THANK YOU,
as we do with our service men and women. As
if it wasn’t for them.. a lot of those founding father’s
families would not have been here, dying of starvation
like a lot of the families did.

So for tomorrow… as you sit down to the great food
that we hopefully will have… try to
remember how and why you are celebrating..
and be kind to the people around your table..
And for the love of God, leave the politics out
in the street before you enter the house.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Be kind .. enjoy
the company you have. And for those who open
their doors to strangers or the lonely on this day…


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