Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Day of history....

No matter who wins this day’s votes, it will be a
history lesson in the future..

Of all the voters of today.. there are the diehard Republicans and the diehard Democrats.. and those
who will join them… who don’t really care for parties.
that will take up at least half of the votes that have
been casted.

The other half are divided up …  2/3 who voted for
Bernie and 1/3 who voted for various Republicans
thru the primaries and caucus. Those who are
disgusted with the left over choices that the above
left them to vote on.. Some will vote for the Independent
candidates… or Mickey Mouse, John McCain or
various other write ins..  Some of us will use the
N.O.A.  choice write in.. None Of Above.. in the
protest against the choices…

But tonight on national social media there will
be a blood bath of words.. even pictures.. as
the losers fail and the winner disappoints most.

These same people who look at their screens
nightly, for the past 6 months.. seeing words
and pictures … who have added to the barrage
of disgust, anger, and fighting with friends and
strangers alike over the options,and comments.       
Some more vicious than others.. Some fighting
for some truth as they quote Fact Check, Snopes
and other sites…  All this vile comes to a head to
night thru the media .. be it social like Facebook,
or other internet sites.

Which makes me wonder… what will life be for those
come Friday.. as I figured it is going to take a few days
to settle down on this very vicious subject.  What
will come?  Will it be back to what I ate for dinner? What
recipes are good to try??

Some of this might be true.. but I think we will still have
the blame everyone comments..after all we endured 8
years of everything was Bushes fault… to 8 more years
of it is all Obama’s fault. But at least there won’t be the
race card played anymore…


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