Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Never met a Muslim....

I have to admit, I have never met a Muslim. At least
not that I was aware of. As not all Muslim, from what
I understand dress like what we have seen on the
media.. Meaning the long black dress.. the hood part
and etc.   I did see quite a few walking down the
sidewalk while in Portland.  But none with the full
face covered clothing.  And as we drove by
I wondered what their lives were like here in America.
Hoping people accepted them for who they, the
person, that they are.  

The human race, and I am pretty sure that
America doesn’t have the corner on this…
We, as humans, tend to hate what we fear.
And we fear, because we don’t understand.
And sadly, most of us, although not me,
don’t want to understand.

We did it when I was a young mother… it was
the Russians then later the Vietnamese
and shortly before there was the
Japanese and German. Some who were here before the war.   Before that was the Native Indians, and the
African who were brought here for slavery.
Still both have to deal with prejudices, to this day.
Even movies portray them as evil.

Look at the peaceful protest in North Dakota..
There are some who make nasty remarks, because
they don’t give them the respect they deserve. If
it was the average white person out there protesting
the possible damaging of the water… and the
police, security and etc.. treated them like they
have treated the Natives… wouldn’t there be more
uproar over this?  If they were maced, washed
back into the river with hoses, woman being
punched to the ground?   So why isn’t there
more outrage? Why isn’t the President saying
anything at all.. His silences is deafening.
It is like the Governor (as he is silent too) and
The President don’t feel they are suppose to
be representing the Native Americans as well.
After all we are ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS.  

Again.. we seem to fear, not understand, so
ends up with hate..  Too bad we can’t walk
in our neighbors shoes after all.

Will there ever be compassion for those who
are different than us?  Be it nationality, gender
or any other prejudices we seem to come up
with.    I fear with a President-Elect it doesn’t
look promising.  And it seems those who
follow him, feel they have been given a
license to hate.  Be interesting to see how

he gets out of this one. 

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