Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Where do we go from here?

Actually, today isn’t any different than yesterday,
In our own lives. 
The sun still arises in the East… the moon hasn’t
crashed down on us….. although they say it will
be huge on the 14th.. for all of us to see.. providing
the clouds stay away…

Today, we still go to the grocery store to get food.
Those who work, will still be going to work early
this morning..  and the rest of the week.

Nothing changes… in our own little world. 
The people in North Dakota are still protesting
the oil company, which is on schedule to
dig up the burial grounds, and dig under the
water…   every thing is still moving along
like yesterday..

Come January, it still will be pretty much the same.
At least for a few months.. While the new President
and Congress gets their bearings.  And then we
will see if the naysayers on each side are right..

In the meantime, the “SHIP OF FOOLS” will leave
the dock to sail again..


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