Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Great day for yard work.... lights

So we got the tote out and it didn’t go so bad.
The King help with the first line.. which went from
one side of the yard, across the front and down
the other side. Not bad for a one line .. ok, it
was a connected line of 4.

But then the King disappeared. So I got another line
ready, and went backwards from the other. Going
back down the side and across the front.

The driveway side had enough older lights, I
filled in an area with an angel on the half gate..and
a wreath wrapped with lights on the other side of
the gate. Not bad for 4 hours of work. (King never
did show back up.. he was installing.. get this..
thumb warmers on his 4 wheeler. Yes, I said
thumb warmers!! woost)

Also last night I did a project I saw on Facebook.
Where you hang bulbs with a string in the window
and that went well… what do you think?

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