Monday, November 28, 2016

Looking thru rose colored glasses?

I was accused of looking at life thru rose
colored glasses by my first husband. He
told me that wasn’t a reality way of seeing

A drop of kindness is like a drop in a bucket,
which starts a ripple that widens out to changes
to the water in the bucket.  Why can’t we use
our kindness like that.

We don’t have the gift of hope… WE ARE
the gift of hope…… if we so chose to be.

The hatred that is spreading across our nation
now, it worse than I have ever seen. Even more
than it was before civil rights. I just don’t
understand… what does hating your fellow
person get? There seems to be a movement
on both sides of the political spectrum.

It is sad that the goodness of the holidays,
Thanksgiving and Christmas is only given

for those two days.. Why can’t it be daily?

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