Thursday, November 17, 2016

How to kill yourself inone easy lesson

It seems I always find things, when looking for
something else.  And as I was going thru an
old closet that gets things shoved in the back,

I found this… what is this,  you ask. Well, it is
a simple little thing. Two piece of wood held
together by the piece of metal with ball bearing
in it.  Was sold years ago, for fun or exercise.
I bought this one at a yard sale for the mere
price of $2.99.

It looks innocent enough. And being I have been
going to physical therapy for my hip, I figured
why not..

The principal of it is like the dance called the TWIST.
You stand on it with both feet and then twist back
and forth.  Simple enough right?

1.   don’t do it on a rug. You will get thrown off
like a horse.

2.   When using a flat smooth surface, have some
thing to hang on to. Or you could kill yourself.

3.   You are not as young as you thought you were,

So best left for younger ones.  

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