Tuesday, November 29, 2016

So it starts...the season of decorate...

I started half hearted today, getting the
Christmas stuff down… 

Already did my Christmas cards before
Thanksgiving and mailed them out the
day after.. so that part is done.

I finally, last year was able to down size
my boxes of Christmas stuff to 2 boxes.
I am more into decorating the outside
than the inside. 

And my Christmas tree is easy.. just
roll it out and hang it on the wall. Done.

But last year at the end.. some one gave
my husband a TOTE OF LIGHTS.. Oh,
my gosh.. a TOTE.. So he said …let’s
put them up tomorrow as it is not suppose
to rain…  Sure, why not..  We should be
able to do the neighborhood.. lol.. if they
all work. That is the second thing we do,
after we dump them out.. see how many

actually work. 

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