Thursday, November 10, 2016

Time to Exhale....

Well, you have had time to breathe again
after yesterday.  Trump is the man…

So surprised, and I think that pretty much
aays it for everyone.. even on both sides.
Trump group, thought they would win..
but……….. things really didn’t look that
Hillary’s group, knew they had it in the bag.
Even a magazine had a cover ready to go,
with MADAM PRESIDENT..  to only have
the rug pulled out from under them.

Now what? Well, for one thing.. we will
have the haters still revving up .. this time
it is the Democrats..  We just finishing up
the Republican haters.. no matter what
Obama has done or will do in the last 3
months.. he won’t be able to do anything
right. And Congress is going to make
sure he goes out the same way he came
in. No co-operation at all.  
Before that, we had the Democrat haters,
lambasting Bush thru his 8 years. So
we are back to that. Some of it already
has started about Trump.

It is kind of hard, when you have friends, at
least you consider them friends.. saying
hateful things about a candidate or even
the President.   I am not talking about
how the policies or what ever.. but personal
hatred.. talk of how the family should be shot
and buried.  Run them out of town, naked..
makes you rethink about your friendship.

Personally, I hate it when people are like that.
Just because they didn’t get their way.  They
don’t even know these people (the President
and his family), how do you hate who you
don’t even know.  I guess it is hating them is
getting back at what they represent in their

American are a very judgmental group.
And what they don’t understand, they hate.
And they have no interest in trying to
understand.  And those who say they were
not making racist remarks when they complained
about the Obama.. are full of it.. when you
hear them.. they can’t wait to get their black
asses out of the white house..   All I can say
my feelings of disgust is huge. And what kind
of examples are they leaving for their kids to

The more we as Americans are on computers,
hiding behind the screen as they type vile
words, the worse this nation has become.


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Bay Views said...

You hit it spot on. I think there are more haters on the left than the right.