Monday, November 14, 2016

Sigh, don't know what to write...

As I look at our nation the past couple of months
and especially the past couple of weeks, it is just

Between the election and the reaction from
the treatment of the protestors in North Dakota,
I find myself saying.. this isn’t the America that I grew up
In.  But then maybe I chose not to see what is
out there..  Or maybe the media is rubbing my
face in it…

No matter what side you are on in the Native
Americans and the oil company battle… it is
horrible how the security is allowed to treat the
people who are protesting.  To have huge
mace throwing machines, to use powerful water
hoses on these people is to me, is disgusting.
Where are the government people who love
committees.. where is their call to have a meeting
and find a mutual comprise … there has to be
something all of these people can talk about
and make good decisions ..after all if Nations
are asked to do so.. why not these people?
This is no way to treat humans..

The protest of the people who are so disgusted
with Trump winning… that they feel it is ok to
burn, trash, property that belongs to those who
are innocent and have no horse in that race. Or
who are just as disgusted but show class and
adulthood, by not protesting… The protestors,
who kidnap people on the freeway… and think
Nothing about the children or the mom with them
in those cars who are scared to death of the protestors
who are ranting.. the people blowing their horns in
defiance of being held hostage.  What about the
person in those cars, what about their rights, their lives
and what could be hurtful for their families as they
may be home waiting for that person. Health issues
that should be effected.. What about them?

What an entitled nation we have become.. People
who can’t handle disappointment, who feel they
can act up and it is ok.. it is about them and their
feelings, having no care to those they have used
in their protest? 

Has this all been born out of the late 80’s and 90’s?
I went with a friend to drop off a present for her
granddaughter.. she also had one for her grandson.
I asked why, it wasn’t his birthday… It seems the
mother doesn’t like the other child to feel shorted
because they didn’t get to open anything. It would
hurt his feelings.   We also started about that time
rewarding children who did not work hard enough
to win an award.  That they had a “everyone gets
an award.. or a certificate…. To reward everyone.
What is with that???  

How does the child feel special on “their day” if
Everyone gets a present?  How does the child
Who worked so hard to accomplish a project
or play the game, only to see all the players,
get the same reward that he did?  Kids who
didn’t care .. that didn’t work days or weeks
on a project.. and it showed in their workman
ship… and yet gets the same reward? 
Are these the same kids who are now running up
and down the roads, blocking cars, burning a business
of some one who may have voted the same way, who
Is innocent bystander?  Who don’t know how to handle
disappointment?  Who don’t know how to use it as a
learning tool, to work harder?  Are these the entitlement people?

And as other  Nations watch on television and other media,
As the Americans come unhinged, riot, protest, and
the treatment of those in the way… oh, how proud
we are… 

But the sad thing is.. they are only about 15% of the
Nation..  the other 85% are going to work, living their
lives as they did last week and look on in disgust..
But those people  don’t get on the television screen, or the
other media… Sad.. very sad… indeed…


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