Tuesday, October 04, 2016

11 days without the media...

We were away for 11 days. Which
meant we were without our paper
and magazines, there was no internet
there..and a very limited television seen.
Not even radio…

We visited out daughter, but we
all chose to watch movies, and
only saw a very limited news and
that was local.. This was by choice.

The house we were in, had a working
televison in the back room.. and we
chose to only watch local for the weather,
and about 20 minutes of the debate.
(that is all we could stand)
Again by our choice. 

We chose to talk with the people we
were there to help. Great conversations,
about family… and good times about the
person who passed away, With his 3 sisters,
that we were cleaning out his house.
Even when there was a lull, I chose to read
my Nook.

And now that I am back, looking thru our
magazine and newspapers,that came while
we were gone, The only sadness I felt was
the passing of a dear friend in the newspaper
and the passing of Arnold Palmer.. who I liked.
And THANKFULLY …. Missed the break up of
The Pitt-Jolie bit. 

You know in this day and age..and the horrors
of the media circus of the Ship of Fools… I
can do this easily .. Maybe the King is right.. the
Dead man channel is best… (all the actors

are dead now) that we get over the air antenna.       

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