Wednesday, October 12, 2016

This and that....

A beautiful day… cold for sure.. ice in the dogs
water bowl… but sunshine all day. We finally
got to see the mountain. And as you can see
the snow season has started.  I am sure that
the snow will disappear and then reappear
shortly later, for the serious stuff. And the
Skier’s delight.

So I got busy outside. It felt so good. First
with sweater and coat, then peeling off
the coat.. and later the sweater as I finished
up the final yard winterizing. And the King
taking one more run across the lawn with
the mower.   Spending over all 3 or more
hours out there. My body has muscles
that I was not aware of.. and surely know
where they are now.  Even took a short
nap as I started to read a magazine. I
was beat.

As I watched the news, of course the debate
Is the top topic.  So I decided to give a name
to each of them.
First debate…Bobble head, giggles Hilary
Whose head constantly bobbed, as she giggled away
Second debate..Getting to know you…
getting to know about you.. But with a change
of words… Telling about you, telling all about

3 more weeks, right? Then the nation picks the
biggest ass of the nation. God help us, that we
get a good Congress. They spent the last 8 years
blocking everything Obama… now maybe they
can work and take away the executive order privileges.

And you know in 4 years or less these two will be at
each others cocktail party laughing about how they
tried to undo the other.  Don’t think so.. looking at
Clinton and Bush buddy buddy act.

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