Thursday, July 09, 2015

We have to be the most stupid people...

We are either the most stupid people or we
flat don't care.

We have had over and over for years and years
of crude, insensitive, boorish, hurtful, behavior.
This nation and I presume others have it too, but
we see it on our media sources daily.  Facebook,
elections lies, stories in the paper and on the news.

There is judgmental people, who criticize  people
constantly.  Too fat, the way one wears clothes,
people are different so they are either bullied and
or beaten. We read it daily, we see it reported on
the news daily. And we are in horror when we read
it and are disgusted by it.

Yet, no one, none of us, either collectively or
individually, do anything about it.  When we
hear it, we are embarrassed by hearing it or
seeing it. Yet rarely do we speak up for those
who are being picked on... Why is that?

I am not pure white on this myself.. I have found
myself, not saying anything.. when I hear it,
afraid of the fall out?  I don't know.  I know a
few years ago, I made a real effort to stop quick
judging. Especially vocally, but also internal
as well. Giving everyone the benefit of the doubt
they aren't like I perceive.  Besides who am I to

Why do we as human's feel it is acceptable?
Why doesn't society try to change?  Is it so
big, and gone on so long we feel we can't

turn the tide?   I find it so disheartening.    

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