Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Package from home state...

No matter where you move to.... there are certain reminders of the place you use to live as you were growing up. 
Certain foods.  For me it is lobster, clam cakes, stuffies,
pistachio ice cream, awful awful's at the Newport 
So when the subject came up on Facebook a couple weeks ago
Some one gave me a site to go to. And sure enough
there were several things of interest. 

These are what peaked my interest. 

As you can see there is clam cake batter. 
Black Pearl clam chowder
Newport Creamery Wicked Good Chocolate fudge topping
and most important of all.. 
happen to be Quahog clams.. 
Quahog clams to make STUFFIES. 

The memories of Stuffies comes from a time my brother brought to my house about 2 gunny sacks of Quahogs.  Quahogs are about
3 times the size of cherry clams. 

We had his 2 children and his wife... and my 5 children, husband
although he wasn't much help...  

My brother steamed the clams, and he and  I grind them with a Portuguese sausage and onions, adding spices and bread.. making
a dressing so to speak.. And then his wife packed the clam shells
full of these clam dressing. And the kids wrapped them in foil,
and placed them on a flat cookie sheet.  It took us a couple of 
hours to do all of this..as we must have had about 50 or more clams by the time we got done.. I say my now deceased  husband wasn't much help, because he thought we were crazy... so he walked around with a beer in his hand, telling us how he wasn't going to be eating this stuff... called Stuffies.  My brother even offered some
clam juice for his beer.. no way.. 

After we were completely done.. and had cooked up a batch of
the stuffies. we sat down with a huge platter full of Stuffies. 
and Marv still saying... no way... I finally talked him into at least trying them.. told him if he really truly did not like it.. I would finish it... Well, he ended up eating 6 stuffies... 

Good times.. good memories.. ... and my sister in law sent me
the recipe for the Stuffies.. so some time this week.. I am going
to make some... see if they come out as good as I remembered. 
Sure wish I had the clam shells as that helps the flavor. 

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