Thursday, July 02, 2015


Here we are, all snibbling about the heat.
Oh, how hot it is...
Got to have the air conditioners on.. in all the
rooms.. or center air... if you are lucky.
Air conditioner in your car... can't drive with out

As a kid, I had the ugliest black noisiest fan ever.
And that was because my room was upstairs.. and
we all know how heat goes upstairs...  So windows
open... fan going.. and that is how we did it.

Even down stairs.. we didn't have the big stands
with fan on top.. or the square ones they have now
that are 2 feet square..   We had  a small fan that was
about a foot around.. and the big one was about 18 inches
around.. they went back and forth if you were lucky. As
some did not.

And cars?  No ac there... just open the window and hope
for the best. 

And of course we headed to the beach, where there was
plenty of areas to go.. Not like now, where houses are
there with private beaches.. or commercial buildings
and fences. 

And some how.. we did not feel like we were heading
for hell at the time.. even though you could barely
have the sheet on you.

Now we have AC everywhere... what woozes were are.  

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