Wednesday, July 01, 2015

The Egg and I.....

Yesterday, my sweet King and I were watching a television
show when there was a huge BOOM... .. it came out with
WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT? from my sweet man's mouth.

I jumped up first, as I had kind of an inkling of what was
up... He came into the kitchen, and saw me holding the
mop, in a fit of laughter... You know when you know you
screwed up, but it is soooooooooooooooo funny?  Well,
that was me.. an almost pee my pants laughter.
When he saw the mess, he was not amused.. but I still
was..  The man has no sense of humor, some times.

Let me start at the beginning...  We all know that you
can NOT cook an egg in the micro wave.  We know this..
and believe it or not, I know it and it is NOT by personal
experience.  I have read it several times and I believed them
very well... So I KNOW you don't cook an egg in the micro.

So what possessed me to put 3 eggs in a bowl full of water?
Well, I thought.. (I know some will question my sanity) but
I thought... if you put it in a very large bowl, and fill it up
almost to the top with water, and put the eggs in.. that the
eggs would cook and not explode.  And I got away with it...
the first 6 minutes.. After testing the one egg, and saw it was runny,
I decide to go for 6 more minutes and then I did 6 more.
And I almost got away with it.  But 1:15 minutes left
to go... BOOM... the door blew open.. And OH, MY.
And that is when the laughter started. 

But the King wasn't laughing.. he said, "you know...
you give Betty Crocker a bad name.".  I don't know
why he was so upset.. after all ... he didn't have to clean
it up.   And 15 minutes later I had it all taken care of...
just hoping it doesn't have an egg smell when I go to
use it again.

After I got it cleaned up, he said.. "you know.. living
with you.. well, you know"... (as he trailed off in
thought).  Next time I experiment.. I will make

sure he isn't home. 

I didn't think to take a picture of the floor before I cleaned it 
up..(had to clean it up first to be able to get to the micro) was
about 4 foot by 4 foot section... also did you know the 
projectile of an egg behind a closed door that blows 
open, is 8 feet..? that is where I found one of the egg shells. 

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marlu said...

Laughing here, remembering a memory from WWII. Mom canned some green beans in a "new and modern" way - in the oven. You prepared the jars as usual and then placed them in the oven overnight. Summer and the heat had me sleeping in the basement. We heard a loud boom and then a crash. My dad and I met in the kitchen where the oven door was on the floor and glass and green beans were every where. I don't remember how many jars she had in there but luckily only one exploded.
To make it worse, she had just painted the kitchen and beans were stuck to the walls and ceiling.