Tuesday, July 07, 2015

The good times of summer with side effects...

Here we are enjoying the joys of 4th of July.
The joys of the parade, picnics and fireworks.
All joyous time....

But with a black cloud over it.  Some years are
dry, but this year is especially dry. So campfires
and fireworks are usually down sided.. but there
is always those who don't think the rules are for
them..  And of course Mother Nature doesn't
help much either. With lightening...

We here in Bonner County, are in the mist of
several fires. There is two by Priest Lake,
which is about 30 miles as the bird flies from
us.. and then there is the one that has made
national news... the Cape Horn fire near Bayview.
So far over 8 houses have been lost and a lot of
people fearing for theirs. As just a quick shift
of the wind and it could take out a village.

Washington State ... in Wenatchee area, had that
very thing happen to them last month. A fire they
figured they had a handle on, with in minutes shifted
with the wind and lost of houses and hundreds of
acres of land lost. And flames whipping local business
on the edge of town.

Our valley has a smoke hue to it.. and firemen
have been working around the night trying to get
it in control. Both fires are sending smoke our way.
And our hearts go out to those who have lost their
homes... and the ones who are finding shelter to
stay with their animals as they wait to see if their
house is next.

So stay safe out there.. and whenever dealing
with outside fires.. keep in mind, it doesn't take
much to lose control.


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