Monday, July 27, 2015

The new game in town....

How many of you have bought a subscription
for a magazine and the following year get
a notice of an AUTOMATIC renewal?

This year I have gotten 4 of them.  And I know
I did not click any automatic renewal.

You see when you are in your 70's you don't
do automatic renewal of anything.  Not unless
it is something for the whole family.

See, each year, I look at it as a blessing..
At 70, you start to see the fuzz mark on your heel..
the expiration date.  Not clear yet.. but you know
it is coming.  If you are lucky, it could be 10 years
if not.. it could be next year or even next month.

You don't dwell on it... but you don't make long
term plans. Especially magazines that your relatives
don't want to be stuck with..

So I have written across the notice NO.. NO..  DO
NOT RENEW..  explaining to them.. that I don't do
automatic renewals...because I don't know if
I will be here next year...

Only one I have renewed... See the others are mostly
ones that I ordered in order to help my great
grandson with his school subscription drive.. and it
is hard to find any wants to read anymore.

So watch your opting for a magazine, you might be
signing up for an automatic renewal.

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