Wednesday, July 08, 2015

What is in the news?

In our local area, the number 1 story is the fires.
Justly so, as we have so many of them, that our
valley is filled with smoke from the many
fires around our area.  Some are close ..20 miles
as the bird flies... or the other two that are in the
other direction about 40 miles as the bird flies.
And not counting the one just over the Canadian
border and over in Spokane. We have even made
the national news on Good Morning America and
the nightly news.

But other news is mostly about the Rebel flag.. and
even Facebook has many voicing their views on it.
And the over kill of canceling Duke of Hazard
because they have the Rebel flag on top of the
car.  Even rumors of the man who owns the original
is going to paint over the Rebel flag and put the
American flag.  So much over kill.  I might agree
with the one on the capital flag pole in South
Carolina. But even that one should be up to the
citizens of that state. 

But what happen to the international news?
Did ISIS take a holiday?  That would be wonderful
if they did..  but it seems we are playing too much
time on trivia stuff, when there is a lot more

troubling things to worry about.  

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Mari Meehan said...

What's troubling is this is what we're worrying about! Good post.