Monday, July 20, 2015

Preview to retirement...

The King has some surgery done a week ago Friday.
So that meant he was home for a week.  Which gave
me a preview of what retirement will be like next year
when he walks out of the door for the last time on
May 31. Or if he makes it an even week.. June 3rd.

But in all fairness, I had it easy... See the first 5 days,
he was hurting too much to get into any trouble.. And
I was in nurses aide  (old nurses aides never really get
to retire) mode.  Then the last 4 days, actually weren't
too bad.. as we did some fun stuff.  Went for a ride
in his convertible, to Blanchard, (haven't been there
for about 15 years).. had lunch there at a very nice
restaurant. It was mom and pop type.. but very clean
and good tasting food.. with reasonable prices.
Also did yard sales on two day. And a birthday
celebration for one of the grandkids.

Next year should be a little easier than this was as
he really couldn't do much.. Nothing on the honey-
do-list and not any on his own list..  But next year
he has a lot of projects he wants to get done.
One of the bigger ones is to finally get his 47
Ford done.. He is so close to getting it there. Once
he gets the wiring mastered, he will be in the easy
lane.  And one of our son's is coming over to help
with that.

Also we want to travel some as well. See the kids,
go fishing with the kids, and of course a week at
the beach would be in line too.

He will find out, like I did, that you are busier
in retirement than you were when you were working.
With better working habits.. like stopping for a cup of
coffee when ever you want to.
So this retirement may not be so bad after all.

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