Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Still enjoying our summer....

This has been such a great summer...
You already saw the family reunion in June.
Which it just came to my attention, that we..
my own direct family... we have never had a
family reunion...  We have gotten together in
sections.. Meaning my 4 sons and my youngest
daughter and I have gotten together for a birthday,
wedding and such.. but this is the first reunion
with not only my own kids, but grandchildren
and the great-grandchildren.  Have to do again..
maybe in a year or two..

Also this year has had visitors.. Our granddaughter
who didn't get to make it to the reunion came with
her family.. One of the cutest little boy and her
husband stay at her dad's and my daughter's... and
we got to have a couple visits and celebrate her

Also the weather has pushed forward our garden to
turbo speed. Squash is coming so fast, I can hardly
keep up..  And now the tomatoes are coming on
at lightening speed.   So we have been eating and
freezing the vegetables left and right.
With all the stuff in the news about the dangers of
GMO's food.. it is good to know that your own
garden, not only has great tasting food but safe as

Well, I got to go get ready for the next visitors.
Our son and his wife are coming in this weekend..
It is his 30th class reunion... ... 30th!!!!!!! how is
that possible.. 30 years ago I watched him walk
across the stage to get his diploma with a great
smile on his face and a skip in his step as he left
the stage?  30 years ago .. already?  WOW..

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