Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Our lives is a rerun...

I look at some of the movies they are coming
out with.. and new movies of old movies..
Which is not really new.. been done over the
years... and of course there are the part 2, 3, 4,
and etc.. and to me.. 2, 3, and etc.. never are
as good as the original.. Probably because it
is new to us.. where 2, 3, and etc. is just rehash.
Rarely does it work.

And now we are getting geared up for elections.
Actually you and I are not, it is all the ones who
think they have the magic to be President.
But I don't see any new names.  Another Bush,
and I can't believe Romney is running again.. And
then there are the rebel rousers.. the major
tea party ones.. like Ted Cruz.. and Rand Paul
whose father has ran forever.. He was like
Ralph Nadar.. always bouncing back thru...
And Rand has been making noises of running
for quite some time.. And they are already
arguing with each other.

And there is Sarah Palin.. OH MY GOSH!!NO NO

So far the Democrats are quiet..
Yes, we keep hearing about Clinton, but she
hasn't said for sure.. And Biden has said he
is thinking about it.. but not sure..

Yep, reruns.. politics, movies, shows..
Makes reading books even more interesting.

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