Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Flopping like a flag in the wind...

I have been working out on my Wii...
Did I say already, that I hate exercising?

Any way, I always figured I was a pretty
stable person.. That I can stand and be
real still.. Well, I guess I can't.. As one
of the exercise is to hold really still
while they check your bmi..and weight.
I even closed my eyes to see if I could
hold still.. well, that was worse yet. And
then when the machine registered my
attempt at standing still.. well the little
red dot was flopping like a flag in the wind.

And then one of the exercise is standing
on one foot.. They do tell you, if you are
unsteady to hang on to a chair or someone.
I thought I had good balance.. and good
strong legs.. what a joke that is... my
ankles act like they are made of wet
noodles... (trainer, oh, did you fall off
of the pad?)

Yes, I really do hate exercising.. yoga
and strength type.. And the trainer
is a liar...keeps telling me how well
I am doing, and then hits me with a
low score... Also a smart ass.. I gain
a couple pounds over the weekend..
Bacon wrapped, cheese stuffed jalapenos
are my down fall.. and she told me.. well
we aren't going to meet our goal are we?
We?  Can't wait for the
weather to get better, so I can walk.

Now that I can get into.. 

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