Thursday, January 29, 2015

Saying good bye to a friend....

Today I went to the funeral of a friend.. Not a real close
friend, but a church friend..  She and her daughter would
come in mid service.. and stay for the second one..

When I got up to leave, I would always stop and tell her
hi, hold her hand.. as it was usually cold and mind were
warm.. She had the most beautiful smile.  I will tell her
how beautiful she looked and just pass the few words
each time. 

They use to come late for the first service, because
getting to church at 8:30am. wasn't always the easiest.
Especially when we have snow and etc.  But she would
be there... until 3 weeks ago.. then the word was passed
thru our church prayer line.  That she wasn't doing well.
And then she had passed. 

Like I said she was the sweetest lady.. What I didn't
tell you, was, that Rachael was 101 years young.

As the service went on... I thought about what Rachael
had seen in her life time.  She was raised in Hope, which
is about 20 mile east of us.. She played piano for her
church when she was just 14.  She went on to get
married, travel to several states in her time, even

I wondered when she got to drive her first car? She
worked for the Singer Sewing Machine Co. during
WWII..  She did many different jobs over the years.
County assessor, here in our town.  But look at
all the things she got to see that we take for granted
in our lives now.. Cars, television, space ships, trips
to the moon, (something that she never would have
imagine as a young girl in Hope, Idaho) and of course
phones were on the wall when she was young. There
was no such thing as internet.  She truly came from
the great generation...

Good bye, Rachael, thank you for your smile that
lit up my Sundays.. and I am sure for all your friends

and family.. 

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