Monday, January 12, 2015


It is getting the time of the year when you start
to get overloaded with your  "STUFF".

One place that gets an overload is under my
desk. Which has some stuff, I haul out each time,
with the idea of getting rid of it. 
After all I have learned that my life is a yard
sale, 2 days after I am buried... or in my case,
my ashes blown to the wind..

3 times I have told myself, I am going to get rid
of these.. but each time as I sit on the floor, looking
thru... I see there is history here, articles of history.
Not big time history, but time that I have lived thru.
These items are 14 to 17 years old.   By now, you
know I am talking about the magazine ...GEORGE.
I also have some Time and Life to go thru as well.
Ones that I have saved because they have articles
of great stories at the time..  The death of Johnny
Kennedy Jr. The death of Princess Diane, the
death of Jackie O... and a few other people who
didn't die at the time the magazine had an article
about them.

But this is the year.. And George is going to be
the first one to go..  I have them all out. About
20 of them.. I have the first and I have the last.
The others are mostly 1999.  I don't have them
all... if I did, I could have e-bay'd them.. for money,
I suppose..   But I do have a friend, who I thought
may like to read them.. as he likes history too. So
as I go thru them, I will take two and send them to
him, until he has them all. Starting this week.

The articles are neat, as some of the issues, I
know how them came out.  Some of them are
almost as active today as they were then.. And
then there is the commercial ads..

But this is my goal for January... to get these
magazine read... and then forward to him,

who can also read and appreciate them.   

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