Wednesday, January 14, 2015


The magazine I am reading now are in the 1998 time.
It is the wind down of Clinton President time. But
they are still having articles about him and Monica.

I have found it is taking me longer to read the magazines
now, than when I first got them 17 years ago.  One part
I guess, is because I am more in tune with events and
especially political.  And George, of course, being
published by John Kennedy Jr. is political based.

Also it seems to be of interest is mafia. But then I
guess mafia does follow politics.  Also there is the
murder of two rap singers...

The ads are kind of neat to see and read.. surprisingly
the cigarette ads are still going. I had thought they
did away with them 20 years or more ago. Also
full of the 20 something(young adults) ads of clothing,
perfumes and etc. Luckily the smell flaps is almost dead.

It is also kind of fun, to have them talk about things what
are now cell phones, and cars, of course,
that have moved so far forward. 

I am enjoying the magazines.. and sure the person I
am forwarding them to, will also enjoy a brief step in

the past. 

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