Thursday, January 22, 2015

Trying to understand....

20/20 had a program about parents.. about 4 difference ones, I think.
One of which was about a couple.. the father...started out life as a girl. The mother...started out life as a boy.  Thru their years of growing up they knew they were different. They didn't feel comfortable in their own skin.. As adults.. they made the change to fit their mind set. Their emotions.   And as it would turn out, they found each other... So now
the boy is a beautiful young woman... the girl is now a handsome young man.  But to add to this.. the girl/husband kept her internal organs as nature gave them to her.. and as a man/husband.. they had a baby.
In fact they have two children..   Some day they will have to explain to those children.... and hopefully people will be kind and let the parents explain.  Why they came forward on national television I don't know.. because you know the nature of humans is not always kind.

And this week.. on the television show called Glee, one of the actors is going to come forward with a story about transgender. The actor is a woman.. she plays the football coach.. or maybe it is just a coach of all sports at the high school... Basically they are going to walk the audience thru the process that this coach is going to go thru.
Two of her fellow employee's support her decision.  
This is profound, that the networks are going to go with this.. because this story line would never have made the surface in the 40's thru to even the 90's.
But this is the 2000's... and we are becoming more tolerable and trying to understand. After all, these are human beings with feelings. No matter how or what you feel, about them.. the bottom line is they are people... who feel like you and I about other things. And want to come to face what their sexual feelings are.   As the actor said to explain.. "this is not who I want to go to bed with.. it is how I want to go to bed as."..

These feelings ring a familiar note to me.. As I have a family member who is fighting this fight herself.(a granddaughter). As I understand it.. she has wanted to be a man for quite some time.

As an almost 75 year old woman... who was raised in the world that a man is a man and a woman is a woman... not even knowing about lesbians until in my late teens.. this is an adjustment for me... especially for transgenders...   Now gays, I have gotten use to, met some fantastic
gay people in my adult time.  And then had two daughters, come out as gays in the past 15 years or so.  I adjusted to it.. and accept it and if they are happy, that is my main concern.   But I will tell you.. it hasn't been easy... as it seems that I adjusted better to knowing they are gay, then they adjust to me accepting it.
Trying to adjust to all of this, has not been an easy one.. In fact the latest one, the transgender, has denounced me.. because I didn't understand.  When she found out that I didn't understand, and even though told I was trying... she loudly told me.. there is nothing to understand.. and get over myself... and then wanted no more to do with me...   I guess those who are transgending have a hard time with those who are not quite up to par with it.  But I tried to explain, I was dancing as fast as I could.. meaning I was trying.. it went on deaf ears...  To what will probably mean for the rest of my life.

So maybe we all should watch Glee, maybe they can make it easier on those of our age.. where we never knew of such things happening. Barely knowing about gay people.

And for the record, I have never ever put any of them down, made fun of them, .. I have always been respectful, even when I didn't understand. 


marlu said...

Your attitude is so admirable. Sorry for the one who cannot accept that you are trying. Forgiveness is a wonderful thing. Sure hope she learns to understand what that means.

Mari Meehan said...

As she grows, as well as grows up, perhaps she'll understand she need not be so defensive. It would seem everyone in your family is in a state of adjustment. I admire your strength. Keep the faith and have patience.