Thursday, January 15, 2015

Body, don't quit me now..

Well, I did it.. I got the old Wii out and put the
exercise one in...all the batteries were dead.
A mere side step.. Got it all up and ready to go.

Pretty bad when the machine tells you "Hi" and then
says, 'WOW, we haven't see you in 433 days!!'...
And when you weigh in, it tells you.. "oh, I guess you
haven't met your goal, have you?".. And tells me that
I am 15 pounds more than I was last time, over a
year ago... damn machine..

Then it told me, after 2 exercise, that I was in pretty
good shape for my age.. and told me I had a body of
a 57 year old.. I wondered what 57 year old that was..
Because they are in bad shape...

So after the down faced reality of being obese..
and my bmi was way high.. I decided maybe I
better do something about it..  As motivation is
not my high point. 

Didn't want to over do.. so went for 20 minutes
of Yoga...  some times it was down right
embarrassing.. and some times I kind of.. well
a little, held my own.  Making it worse was
showing my old numbers... it was down right
embarrassing..  I did better with both feet on
the floor...
So I have decided... come 6:30 am. It is up and
at them... yes, body.. I said 6:30 A.M.
You know it might not be so bad.. as it did
bring back the old feeling of doing it last time
and it was kind of fun..... well, as fun as exercise
can get..
So going to do stretching and then add to that.
Should have me in fair shape by the time the
weather lets me go back to my walking route
I did last summer..

It will be fun, I said... to myself.. sure it will be..
And this year is about fun...  So Mari, get your
self in shape.. we are walking Tubbs Hill again.

Are you up for it? maybe first part of June... lol..  

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