Monday, January 26, 2015

Computers, Internet, web sites and etc....

As we have learn over the past, almost 30 years.. there
is good and there is bad to computers and being on

Families have been reunited.  Some who were separated
when they were born or really young.. find their way back
in their 50's and up to their 80's.. Friends find each other.
Even on Facebook, many childhood friends have been

The information out there is astounding.  Be it a recipe,
or history, how to make something, be it knitting or
boxes, build a house, a bed, plant flowers, you name
it.. there is a site to tell you how.. There is a You-tube
to show you how..

But like any other pendulum, there is the other side..
The how to make a bomb, to bully someone else.
And the others is opening up the world like an egg.
We see so much horror.. and our enemies can see
us at our best and worse.. And use the worse against

With the internet being an open book.. people
sharing so much.. and the government sharing
way too much.. we are open for all kinds of
bad things..

Throwing what I call the WWII phase out the
window...:Lost lips sink ships..... 

We see terrorist who use the internet to their
whims... and see men on their knees in orange,
waiting to see if the terrorist is going to lop off
his head... some even showing that.  Luckily
some media companies show restraint and
decency not to show us.  This week it is two
Japanese men who were being shown... and
I have to ask myself...

Is internet worth it?


jewelz said...

I have been struggling with this question myself, the internet has been wonderful on so many levels re-connection with school mates, connection with my students which has been wonderful to watch them in their journey (collage, Marriage, Children, Careers) Re connecting with cousins or Finding family members for the very first time. The there is a wealth of information of how to do or fix almost anything.
on the other side of the coin is all the garbage and violence that can come across your screen while searching for simple things like a recipe or so on......The part i really struggle with is chat rooms or even worse FB where people with no filters who use it with no thought of the carnage they leave behind. Being a private person I struggle with the balance of using a great tool for educational purposes & wanting to keep in contact with those I love especially across distances and the desire to protect my family from those whom say and do things that are inappropriate for a public page.

Word Tosser said...

My feelings exactly... I have my facebook locked down to friends.. but even I know that is only part protection... any one who really tries can get just about anything..