Monday, February 02, 2015

The people we touch

We think of our lives as the people we know around us...
Our friends.. some for years, some for shorter.
Our family is also in those thoughts of those
around us.. And of course acquaintances.
We never give much thought about much more.
Of how many people in our lives..

This past weekend, I went to a fund raiser for
a friend. He had a motorcycle accident and is
paralyzed for life.  He must be about 50 something.
And everyone you talk to and mention his name,
always tells a story about some kind of kindness
this man has done for them.

Well, on Saturday, I think it surprised Eddie, of
how many people he has touched with the point
of kindness.. because the parking lot was full.

And anyone who has ever been to our fairground
main building, knows how big it is.. On one wall
area was tables.. end to end... 3 lines of 3 tables..
and then on the other wall area was 6 or 8 more
tables lined up. And in front of the stage was
several very large items. All of these tables were
covered with items.. of those 15 to 17 tables.. 9
of them were for the silent auction.. the remaining ones
were for the live auction..  The rest of the building
was lines and lines of tables for people to sit at,
for it was a dinner, auction and dancing...
All of those tables were full... and it was standing
room only left.. groups of standing people.. There
had to be at least 300 + people, sitting... and then
the standing ones.. Just for a number say 200.. so
500 people... that could come.. as there are others
who could not.. and sent their regrets with
donations.. All of these people.... Eddie had
touched thru his life.. That is a lot of people.
And when Eddie came in.. in his wheelchair,
I don't think he grasped the amount, at first
but he was lined with people who came to talk to
him, hug him.. tears of joy to see him.. even
children.. it took him a half hour to get from
the door he came in, to the front of the middle
of the stage area.

That is a mighty powerful tribute to a man
who thought he was a man of small means.

Made me think, how we all go thru life, not
really thinking about how we effect a person.
If we leave a moment of memory, kindness
to others.  But something like this shows
we do. 

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