Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Be your Valentine? ?

Every year I see so many people who spend so
much money,  just to prove to their love ones that
they, in fact, do love them.

I trained the King years ago.. NO FLOWERS...
definitely no candy (not a candy person, nor do
my hips need it) ... ABSOLUTELY NO JEWELRY!!
We may go to breakfast if it is the weekend. But
rarely go out to dinner, as there are so many crowds.
So unless we do the senior citizen 3:30 or 4:00pm
crowd.. we skip that too...  So we might fix dinner
together.. buying something special, like clams,
scallops or grab an elk steak out of the freezer.

I know the Valentine dealing stores would have a
heart attack if everyone thought like I do.. but I just
can't see where one has to buy and some times
buy big time.. to prove you love your love one.
Flowers double in price.. candy comes in bigger
and more expensive boxes.. and jewelry.. what is
up with that.. more like guilt jewelry.

But maybe it is because I am lucky... the King
buys me flowers thru the year.... for no reason
at all.. or if he does.. he does it because he knows
I had a rough day, and wants to cheer me up. I
am not really big on roses.. they are pretty but
most store roses smell like a funeral home. So
I get carnations.. if they smell good, as some of them
are like funeral homes too.

You see.. in my house...every day is Valentine's
Day.  We tell each other that we love each other
daily, some times more.. last thing we say on the
phone, last thing we say before one of us leaves
the house. And sometimes.. one of us will come
up to the other and hug and say ...you know..I
love you...  Now young people probably think
that we are corny.  but it just comes second
nature to us. No be hurrah, just a lovingly
said words.

I think if one really wanted to do something to
impress their love one that they really do love
them.. they would write a little note... in their
own handwriting... of how much they love each
other.. how when they met, they had certain thoughts
of what love was, and as the years have gone by,,
that they have found out that love means so much
more.. And if they can express that, explain what
so much more is to them..   Now that would be a
wonderful gift to your love one.. And I bet that note
will end up in a special place in a drawer to be saved
for years to come.. These are the type of notes that
children find after their parents pass away... because
it meant so much to the receiver.

So you all add to till in each store.. add to your
credit card... just to prove your love.. but I will take
that dinner we make together... or a note of love anytime..

 Oh, one more thing, what is the deal with the guy
has to buy the flowers, the candy, the dinner and
the jewelry? What is with you girls?  Do you buy
anything for your guy?  Tools,  or anything else
of equal value??? after all this is equal times for
men and WOMEN..

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