Monday, February 16, 2015

President's Day???

Happy President's Day.. I think.
Why are we celebrating President's Day
on February 16th?  I know.. some idiot
thought it would save government money
if they did it on ...what?? second Monday?

It makes no sense.. First of all, when I was
young.... I know, I one wants to
hear those words.... but still... At least I
knew it was Lincoln's birthday on the 12th
of February....and I knew that it was
Washington's birthday on the 22nd of February.
How the heck are the kids suppose to know
with this type of stuff...

Oh, I get it.. the schools and government
don't care if the kids know when Lincoln
and Washington were born. That is not
important anymore.  So why did WE, have to
know when it was? It was on many test, as
we grew up and had civic classes and history.
And I suppose that now, that it is called
President's Day, that  includes  ALL Presidents.

Why bother?  Presidents aren't as important
as they use to be. Now they are just some
one to hold up to it Obama or
Bush.  So why bother...

HEY, I got an idea.. why not have employee birthday
day off...  that way it is staggered.. or if they want to 
do it all the same day.. how about the last day of 
June.. that way it is in the middle of the year. 
After all the place I worked at did that.. because we
didn't get holidays off.. You had to put in 2 months 
ahead if you wanted a holiday off.. other wise we got
paid time and half. 

President's Day cancelled.. due to lack of interest. 

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