Monday, February 09, 2015

Prisoners of war....

There is or was a young lady from Arizona,
who is suppose to be held as a prisoner.
American prisoner, held by ISIS.

I won't use her name as her family has
asked the media not to name her. Although
by now the media has her name.. And her
family has said, yes, she is their daughter.

ISIS has said she was killed by the American
or allies, bombing of houses.  But there is no proof.

I can just imagine the horror and hopes of the
family.. hoping against all hope that she is
still alive.

Myself, I think she was killed a long time ago.
Had she been alive up until the bombing they
speak of.. she would have been on their
videos..  After all, ISIS has learn that the
American government is not going to be
black mail for any prisoners. They have time
and time, been executed in the most horrible way.

ISIS has  tried to get Obama to react
to each threat before the execution. With no
results.. No out cry from the American public.
For the most part.

But what would it take to get the American
public attention and outcry, to get them to
scream at Obama?  The answer to that is,
a woman prisoner with the threat of her
life.  We, as Americans, have never had to
really deal with an American woman as a
prisoner, except for Lynch and she was
rescued asap. And besides those enemies
were not in to the beheading of the prisoners,
at that time.  And certainly not women.

So don't you think, that ISIS would have had
her on the videos right after they beheaded the
other two American's?  I think so... so therefore
I sadly think she has been dead for quite some
time.  We have to remember, that ISIS and the
rest of their country men, think of woman as a
lowly subservient   . They think more of their dogs,
then they do woman.. so it would be nothing to
them, to kill a woman.

I, as a parent, would want to believe my child is
still alive.. we all do.. we hope beyond hope,
that there is a chance... and I pray I am wrong.
But ISIS already has said she is gone.

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