Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The yard ....clean up time.

While the East Coast still gets hammered with
snow.. and I feel bad for them...  We have had
rain, wind and fog.  So my once 2 foot of snow
in our yard, is gone.  Only skips of snow we have
here, is where we piled up snow out of our drive
way...and even that is disappearing.

So as I walk around the yard, I see so much work.
And I debate ...should I be removing all those old
leaves from the lilies and etc?  As they do provide
shelter to the new growth.. And there is new growth
under all that..

This is the time of the year where the yard does
not look its best. Dirt, and old leaves, brown grass..
junk that has blown into the yard... 

This is only February, so I don't think I should be
pruning my bushes and etc.. As I found out about
3 years ago in March, when I foolishly thought we
might have a early spring.. only to have a foot of
snow dumped on my pruned Clematis and etc.
Thought I lost them for sure.

So I look with dread, and yet excitement of Spring
to come.. Dread with all the stuff I have to rake and
pull up.. cut back.. and etc..

Weather man has forecasted an warmer winter,
and that is true.. also a drier winter.. but that
so far is not true, as we have had a week of rain.

What do I do... clean up or wait... and I am so out
of shape from last year's yard work.. muscles I haven't
used over the winter.. and etc...  Not looking forward
to that. 

Update... did the work this afternoon.. 
 up went the kits on a stick...

and the flags..

 bird feeder needs cleaning

Pots waiting to be filled...
 scarecrow needs some work but ready for seeds..and birds..

 in the shade it was 40 but in the sun it was 52

 GOOD BYE... SNOW MAN... not quite hello clematis

some of the yard art... bear is 30 years old.. got at Silverwood when it first open and they
had crafts day there..  dog we have had before Misty.. about 9 years.. and the
girl on the left got at a yard sale 2 years ago and had the King paint her.. the
then my Portuguese woman...we have had about 12 years.. she needs a touch up too.
can't wait until we get the table and chairs up on the deck..

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