Thursday, February 05, 2015


As I explain about 2 weeks ago... I was going to make
some changes.. just for fun...  This change is for about
6 months...

It is funny what we perceive about ourselves.  We have
a look, and it is set in your mind, unless you change a lot.
Because as i walk around the house, or the store.. going on
my merry little way... I think of myself like I was a month
ago, and for that matter for over 9 years...  So you can
imagine the look on my face as I walk by a mirror or a window
and see my reflection.  This is so much out of my
comfort zone.  Which is the results I wanted.  To do some
thing that isn't the usual safe Cis.

Well, I got that.. and it sure is taking a LOT of adjusting
to my new look... Even for my friends, and say nothing
about my husband...  "It isn't you"...

To make it worse is.. I do not like red hair. Don't get me
wrong, there are a lot of people out there who look fabulous
in red hair.. My oldest daughter can pull it off very well.
As a child, as a teen, it looked great on her.. Her teen
picture that I have .. I think it is a graduation picture maybe,
she looks BEAUTIFUL with her red hair.  And even now
with it turning grey on her.. she still pulls it off pretty well...

But me.. as a redhead.. no way. Yet constantly it shows up.
My natural color is auburn.. Even in the winter when it looked
it's darkest brown, the red would show up in the lights.  And
summer sun would bleach you my hair to a strawberry like
blonde where the sun got it.. ( wore it in a pony tail 90% of
my childhood, so I would have streaks when I put my hair down.
As I grew older, when I dyed my hair.. the red would come out.
One of the reasons why I gave up dying it.  But I thought maybe
there has been enough time, it wouldn't do it anymore.. well
here is the results...

DRUM ROLL.... ta ha...

before with straight hair...
 after the perm...

After the trim...

and then after the color of auburn..

my girl pal, says she never noticed my freckles before, as much as there is now... 

It sure is different.  going to take a LOT  to get use to. 


Marianne Love said...

Looks great, Cis!

Anonymous said...

You have a wonderful smile and beautiful eyes. You can pull all of it off. But, maybe bangs frames those eyes more. I love your hair. It is nice and full, and no
need to perm it. You are one of
the fortunate ones. Lighter colors and highlites seem to go with
aging also. Your auburn color will turn to high lites soon too.
That should be very pretty.
Have fun!

Anonymous said...

I love it