Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Balance and coordination.. NOT...

It is amazing I can chew gum and walk.
I know I am not the best, but I thought
I was doing pretty well..... but then again.

When I think about my dancing.. or lack of..
well, let's just say  white girl has no rhythm.

As I was working out on my Wii today, I
decided to try out the boxing set.  It is
easy peasy they say... lol.. they don't know
me.  They have the mimes or what ever they
call them.. show you the moves.. it is a matter
of stepping one foot off the Wii board and take
the ones in your hands and wave them at the
tv set in the motion of punching the punching
bag.  Easy right?  I made the first 3 moves
pretty good.. but then they step it up.. and
all a sudden I am moving the wrong foot off,
and throwing left when it is suppose to be
the right..  It is easy, just watch and move
when they do.. but I get so into the punching
I forget what my feet are doing.

So I moved on to the dance steps, on and
off the board.. step up one foot, then the other
and back off again, skip the blanks, and back
up again and back off... Some times it tells
you it is ok.. some times and rarely for me,
it says PERFECT... and then you do one step
up, and then to the side, and back to the board.
Well, the more I try the worse I seem to get..

But I ever was very good at that stuff anyway.
That is why I flunked square dancing classes.
I was glad the hokey pokey was slow, or I would
have been putting the wrong foot in..

Thankfully, my walking is still working...  


jewelz said...

curious when you dance with a gentleman do you have a problem with him leading. lol

Word Tosser said...

as a matter of fact....kind of.. lol

jewelz said...

Way to funny, I love music and I love dancing it is one of the best ways to keep in shape. Try as I might I cant follow and it drives my poor husband crazy.