Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Good Grief...I almost forgot again...

The King and I were talking yesterday about licenses.
OH...MY...GOSH....  I grabbed my wallet... and sure
enough, this is the year... 2015 big as life on that card.

See in Idaho, they don't send you a reminder.. guess
most states don't. .. you are suppose to remember those

I use to get it for 8 years.. but after the age of 65, they
make you get it in 4.  Guess they want to see if you are
still walking around.  I remember as I walked out of the
office that year.. when I turned 67 (that is when it expired
after 8 years) and seeing 2011 on there.. I wondered if I
would still be alive at 71 or even be able to drive... as in
your 60's the 70's still seem far off. 

But sure enough.. at 71, I was alive and well.. and no tickets.
So they renewed it as soon as I passed the eye test.
And I left with no notice of the year coming for the next
time. Which was amazing as I forgot to get my license
that year... I was at the store and had to show my license
to the clerk, and she said those horrible words.. do you
know your license expired 2 months ago?  HOLY COW.
And it was a Saturday... had to wait until Sunday. 
My in laws came up that weekend.. so had my sister in
law drive me home... So the fact that on Monday they
didn't nail me.. (had my girlfriend take me down, didn't
want to get a ticket for driving with an expired license).
And gave me my license with no problem.. she said it
happens all the time.. you have 6 month grace. WHEW.

So now I have to make sure I get down there before
the end of March.. and hope my eyes pass. lol...  And
see if the state of Idaho will let me get a license with

out a driving test. Or a written test.. I hate written test. 

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