Monday, February 23, 2015


The Federal giveth and the State taketh away...

This is the time of the year, we all dread...unless
you know for a fact that you are getting a refund..
Then you are down to your local tax person.. or
adventure enough to do it yourself... I say adventure
enough, because they keep changing the rules, so
it is hard to know if you got it right.

This year is a little tougher as you have to show
proof of insurance.. health insurance that is.. because
this is the first year of "no insurance", fines.  Some have
gotten hit for a little over $100...  some talk about $600.
Which when you think about how much it cost for
health might be cheaper IF YOU ARE
HEALTH, to just pay the fine.

So Friday, I went into my local guy and laid out
my proof of income, my proof of outgoing... and
at the end it was... what do you want to hear first?
The good news or the bad news... Being I like to
get the bad over with.. and enjoy the good... I went
bad first... I OWE the state... BUT the good news is
I get BACK money from the will have
enough to pay the STATE... and that is good news.

At least in my book... 


Anonymous said...

I didn't make Blogfest as a blurker, lol. Had a memorial to attend same hours. How about you? Hope u made it 😊

Word Tosser said...

Yes, I actually did make my book from Cindy... treated my King to lunch on the other side of the wall... It was very nice.. Dave thanked all the people who made a difference and mention me as well....with a joke at the end.. if Cis hadn't told me to wait a year at the beginning.. I could have been retired by now.. Thanks Cis.. lol.. it was very nice.. I knew some of them.. most did not recognize me.