Thursday, May 02, 2013

Music to your ears....

My sister in law mention on Facebook about how she came across a channel that had a concert of AC/DC performance.. guess a couple hours of it… And how thrilled she was to hear it. That she had not heard them for quite some time.  How she turn up the music and danced to it.

I understand that….as that is the way it is for me to hear Chuck Berry or even Bill Haley and the Comets. (that is really dating myself). There is just something about Maybelline and Johnny B. Good that makes my feet go.
And a few other songs that I will sing to the top of my lungs as long as there is no other humans around.  (yes, Mike, I will keep my day job) My grandson at the age of about 7, as I was taking him to soccer practice, I was sing with
Give me that Rock and Roll Music song on the radio, with it turn up high. When the song was over.. I turn it down… at which is when Mike made his remark.
Sure knows how to hurt a guy or in this case.. gal.

But I think what gets us rocking is … that time of our lives as that song was playing, we were free spirits, with songs in our hearts, dancing and no real responsible.. Meaning we were YOUNG… So just for a little bit, we get to return to those moments of joy. We could dance with abandonment, carefree, even if it only lasted as long as the song, or music. A freedom of the soul.
Just each of us have a different time and music.

Funny how music takes us back to a time and place.. but it with joy as above, or to a sad time, that makes us cry.

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