Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Why is it the governments problem?

Here is where I am going to get into trouble.. even lose some
readers, I suppose. But I don’t understand why FEMA for tornado/ hurricane areas.

You see those people chose to live there. I have even lived in hurricane area… I never would have expected the government to pay for repairs to my house or replace it.  Now insurance companies… yes.. There is extra
expensive insurance for those places.. I know.. I almost bought a house in what was known to be a flood land (when hurricanes show up).

But if you live in that area, you know it is a gamble if you have your property damaged. You know that.. Hurricanes and tornado went thru there before.
It might be 10 years, 20 years or even 50 years ago or even last year... but they did go thru..
You live in the path.. No one assigned you the property and said you have to go live there.  You buy the land because you figure it is worth the time and effort to live there in a beautiful area that is there 98% of the time. It is a crap
shoot and you are willing to take that chance.  But why would you think that the government owes you money to fix that?

These areas from Texas to Canada, from Florida to New England, and in between  have had this type of damage for hundreds of years. Even the flooding of the Midwest.. it is part of the lay of the land. So who paid in the past? Say 50 years ago.. 70 years ago.. 100 years ago?  The land owner
did. Yes, there were barn raising with neighbors. Those who couldn't build, did other things.. women cook meals for the workers.  There were even dances and etc. to earn money for materials in some areas… But no one said.. how much is the state or the federal government going to give me?
Well, the hard workers didn’t.

It isn't that I am heartless.. I feel bad for those people who are with out houses and their belongings are scattered from hell and back.  But the people use to take care of their own. There were underground cellars. You put your most valuable things there..   Or a steel box with your name on
it.. and who ever found it .. return it.  And towns people helped towns people. Who helped your grandparents or great grandparents? 

And I did see something on another blog, ( ) that makes sense.. why oh why do the National media feel they HAVE to show up? 

They take up the motel, hotels, and restaurants that those displaced.. could be using… for what reason?
Isn't the local newscaster doing a good enough job?
Are they helping? Do you see them out there picking up wood and stones debris ?

Did they bring food and water to hand out to those who need help? No…
No, they are there with a camera man/woman talking about places they don’t understand or can pronounce the names of. While watching owners pick thru their things, throwing the mike in their faces.. “how do you feel about what happen?”  Just once I like to see one of those people look at the camera and say, “how the hell do you think I feel.. my life is blow to the winds.. now get the hell out of the way, while I try to fix my life.” 


Kay Dennison said...

Common sense is a hard sell. I think it's no longer in style. In Ohio we are in tornado country but I've never experienced one. It's not a common phenomena. I have seen the aftermath of one and it's not nice.

Word Tosser said...

There are a lot of organizations that do help.. Red Cross, churches, and people sending money.. Spokane tv news was telling how they gathered up $5,000 in two hours for OK.. there is people like Willie Nelson who does events for such things.. I don't mean that no one should help. And people do. Also as I watched in the news there were neighbors helping neighbors... Just the government itself.. where does it stop> We are what 13 BILLION dollars in debt.. with no end.. And what the government does send, gets wasted.. New Orleans showed that..