Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Is it me...or is TV getting worse?

I am really getting tired of the stuff that they put on
television.  Especially during the day.. which I usually
use for background noise. 

Now that the weather is nice.. I have just turn it off.
Not a lot of radio stations in my area… and there is a
lot of rock. I mostly like easy listening or oldies but goodies.

Even at night time… it is getting to be hard to watch mainstream networks. So we end up on the others.. Like A&E and History, Discover and such.

I guess I find it disgusting… when we have young men and women dying fighting a war none of us wanted. And the national news barely mentions them. But let a star, get drink and sass a police officer because they are arresting her husband for DUI.  Even when the young lady explained and
apologized a day or so later, they still run it like it is a life and death thing. 

A young man comes out of the closet and is called brave and he is the first athletic that has claim to be.. but everyone can name at least 6 that did it years and years ago, before it was fashionable.

We had a plane from our area crash overseas… and it gets barely mention. And surely didn't get much if any mention on national news.

I just have to shake my head and be sad, as I walk by the television and see some of these blurbs. Glad summer is started, and I have better things to do… And come February when my contract is up with Direct TV, we are going back to antenna. Because this garbage is not worth paying for.

And that is my humble opinion… and the King agrees.


Betty said...

I agree completely with you. But, we aren't allowed to have anything but cable in my apartment complex.

On another subject, watch for my national announcement pretty soon. I am going to admit that I am straight. Let's see who covers that!

Word Tosser said...

You are a kick...Betty.. lol brought a smile to my face, even tho I am hurting..thanks..

Patricia Whitney-Jones said...

I'm in total agreement with your post Betty. ((hugs)) ~Tricia

Max said...

I agree. I think they need to advertise what kind of content is going to be on new series.
I do not wish harm on any gays, but I do not want to see them kissing. Sorry! I quit watching tv, once for 14 years. So it may be me. I do not care for so called reality shows and the gays kissing.